Shunyata - Venom V14

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Style: C13 (1.75m)


Shunyata - Venom V14

Upgrade your power cords to the Venom V14 for enhanced performance and value. Compatible with C7, C7p, and C5 mini-connectors, these cables are designed with Shunyata Research's custom connectors for a perfect fit. Count on our extensive R&D for quality and performance that surpasses the competition.

Shunyata - Venom V14
Shunyata - Venom V14 Sale price$242.00
Weight & Dimensions

Wire: OFE 14 gauge
Dielectric: PVC

Molded Hermetically Sealed
Solid brass contacts (not folded metal)
Nickel plating for corrosion protection
Superior contact grip
Crimped and soldered connections

IEC: C5, C7, C7P or C13
AC plug: US NEMA type only

Length: 1.75 meters