Establishment of Kensonic Laboratory, Inc. (1972)

Accuphase Laboratory Inc., originally known as Kensonic Laboratory, Inc., was founded in 1972 by Jiro Kasuga, a former Kenwood engineer. Dissatisfied with Kenwood’s approach to high-end audio, Kasuga set out to create his own legacy in the world of premium sound systems.

First Major Achievement - Release of Initial Product Line (1973)

The company moved to Yokohama and released its first products, which included the Preamplifier C-200, Power Amplifier P-300, and FM/AM Tuner T-100. These products laid the foundation for the company’s reputation for quality and performance.

Second Major Achievement - Advancements in Audio Technology (1980-2000)

Over the years, Accuphase has been recognized for its commitment to reducing phase distortion, controlling noise spectrum, and minimizing intermodulation distortion. Their products are known for having a balanced audio path and being resistant to obsolescence, ensuring long-term use.

Modern Day Flagship Products (2000+)

Today, Accuphase continues to innovate with flagship products like the Class-A Precision Integrated Stereo Amplifier E-700, which incorporates technology from their 50th-anniversary model, and the Precision MDSD SA-CD Player DP-770, showcasing their ongoing pursuit of audio perfection.

Accuphase’s dedication to high-quality audio components, individual manual assembly, and rigorous testing has solidified their position as a leader in the high-end audio equipment industry. Their products are a testament to their philosophy of achieving extra-quality in every aspect of their creations.

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Accuphase Integrated Amplifier E-280


Accuphase DC-1000 Precision Digital Analog Converter 


The Accuphase Philosophy

"Music can be soothing, exciting, exhilarating. It can move our hearts and enrich our lives, which is the goal Accuphase seeks through audio technology."

This was the idea behind the slogan "Enrich Life through Technology" which originally brought together the group of very highly skilled audio experts who conceived and today produce the successful Accuphase line of audio equipment. It is the guiding principle behind all Accuphase components whose high grade can be considered extravagant. Just as there are exquisite musical instruments that are especially highly prized, we believe that the same applies to audio components. This belief forms the basis of our design concept. It is the reason why we strive to build extra value into each of our units so that they will display fully the merits of hand construction.

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