Sonic Perfection Redefined

The remarkable qualities of granite, known for its extreme hardness and density, make it an ideal material for speaker enclosures. Unlike more flexible materials like wood or particle board commonly used in speaker construction, granite provides significant advantages.

Firstly, granite's rigidity creates a solid baffle and enclosure that minimizes energy absorption from the vibrating drivers. This ensures superior dynamics and detail, as less sound energy is lost in the enclosure.

Moreover, traditional speaker designs often require internal bracing to reduce enclosure noise. However, this leads to additional reflections that can affect the performance of drivers with open baskets, such as midrange and low-frequency drivers. By using granite, there is no need for internal bracing, resulting in reduced reflections and improved sound quality from the lower frequency drivers.

Additionally, besides its visually appealing aesthetics, granite exhibits minimal expansion or contraction with changes in humidity and temperature. This characteristic sets it apart from most speaker enclosure materials, which can be vulnerable to such changes.

In summary, the use of granite enclosures by Acora Acoustics enables their speakers to deliver exceptional soundstage, imaging, dynamics, and clarity. The rigidity, reduced energy absorption, minimized reflections, and stability provided by granite contribute to an outstanding audio experience.