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Get to Know Mark Levinson

The Man, The Legend

At the tender age of 12, he skillfully wielded the trumpet, foreshadowing the extraordinary musical journey that awaited him. Remarkably, before reaching the age of 20, he found himself sharing the stage with jazz legends such as Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Sonny Stitt, Johnny Griffin, Chick Corea, and Keith Jarrett. A pivotal chapter in his musical odyssey unfolded from 1966 to 1971, when he contributed his musical prowess to the ensemble led by the iconic Paul Bley.

Mastering Instruments, Embracing Cultures & Shaping Soundscapes

Musician and Audio Pioneer

Renowned for his multifaceted musical prowess, he effortlessly commands instruments such as the trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, double bass, and the sarod, showcasing a rare and diverse range of talents. Delving into the intricacies of Classical Indian music, he dedicated himself to studying under the guidance of the legendary Ali Akbar Khan, enriching his musical palette with the nuances of this ancient tradition. Notably, at the youthful age of 22, he left an indelible mark on music history by ingeniously designing the mixing board utilized during the iconic Woodstock festival, a testament to his innovative spirit and technical ingenuity.

Founded  Mark Levinson Audio Systems (MLAS)

Godfather of High End Audio

During a pivotal journey en route to India to delve into the intricacies of Indian Classical music, he made a fortuitous stop at the Stellavox factory. The exceptional quality and integrity of the products he encountered there left an indelible impression, sparking a desire to share the joy of music with enthusiasts. Motivated by this revelation, he returned home with a vision, founding MLAS (Mark Levinson Audio Systems) in 1972. Mark's unique talent in manufacturing extends beyond his technical acumen; he possesses a remarkable ability to identify and collaborate with gifted designers. The roster of talents he has assembled—including John Curl, Dick Burwen, Tom Colangelo, Paul Jayson, and Bo Bengtsson—reflects his commitment to realizing his musical vision through the expertise of visionary creators.

Mark Levinson is recognized for producing top-tier audio components such as amplifiers and preamplifiers. The brand gained acclaim for its commitment to delivering unparalleled audio quality and craftsmanship.Over the years, Mark Levinson's name has become synonymous with audiophile-grade audio gear, catering to enthusiasts who seek an uncompromising audio experience.

Adrian Was Once a Cello Dealer

He Hadn't Missed Yet

Mark Levinson's journey in the audio industry evolved with the establishment of Cello Film and Music, a venture that elevated the realm of specialized, luxurious audio products to unparalleled heights. Cello became synonymous with ultra-complex, world-class audio components, crafting bespoke sound systems tailored for the elite echelons of the burgeoning home-theater market. Operating exclusively from its own showrooms, Cello catered to high-rollers, delivering an opulent audio experience.

In a groundbreaking move, Levinson's vision extended beyond the confines of consumer audio, with Cello serving as a bridge between consumer and professional realms through innovations like the ultra-sophisticated Audio Palette equalizer. Notably, Cello's impact reverberated through the corridors of top-tier recording studios, including Sony and Sterling Sound, and even reached the esteemed archives of the US Library of Congress, where its equipment was entrusted with safeguarding a priceless collection of recordings. Levinson, once again, had not just envisioned but successfully navigated and mastered yet another market, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of audio excellence.

Never Stagnant

Innovation Starts Here

Entering a new phase in the late 1990s, Mark Levinson embarked on a career evolution driven by a commitment to delivering uncompromised performance to a broader audience. Red Rose Music emerged as a resounding success during this period, garnering critical acclaim for notable products like the Affirmation amplifiers and the Rosebud MKII loudspeakers. The inaugural power amplifier from Red Rose Music even secured the prestigious Product of the Year award from Italy's most esteemed audio magazine. Levinson's unwavering dedication to quality is evident in the enduring relevance of products from his three companies, as they continue to serve users today. However, these sought-after items seldom appear in the secondary market, and when they do, they frequently become the focal point of spirited bidding wars among ardent music enthusiasts eager to possess these coveted pieces.

Daniel Hertz: Precision in Sound, Harmony in Integration

Where Science Meets Soul

In the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Red Rose Music faced closure, leading survivor Mark Levinson to embark on a transformative journey to Switzerland, where he founded Daniel Hertz. Over the span of three decades dedicated to research and experimentation, Levinson and his team unveiled the revolutionary C-Wave technology. This patent-pending innovation promises to transcend the limitations of low-resolution digital formats, endeavoring to replicate the rich, authentic sound of Levinson's cherished 30" analog master tapes.

Central to Daniel Hertz's groundbreaking approach is the Mighty Cat Integrated Circuit, meticulously designed from the ground up. This IC incorporates powerful and efficient Class D amplifiers, tunable circuits to optimize speaker performance, active crossovers, and a suite of other cutting-edge features. The culmination of these efforts materializes in the Maria 350 Integrated Amplifier, hailed by Levinson as his magnum opus.

The transformative impact of C-Wave has resonated deeply with accomplished musicians like Al Di Meola, who laud its ability to enhance the depth and richness of their music. In an ongoing initiative, Mark Levinson is actively involved in the meticulous process of remastering music with C-Wave, underscoring his commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic innovation.

"Like so many audiophiles in the 80s, I had heard about this enigmatic man. I’d read the articles, the products that he helped bring to the market, how amazing and ahead of the time they had been, how beloved and treasured they were by music lovers and collectors. The LNP-2 preamp, the ML2 class A amplifiers … the HQD speakers. I eventually owned both the ML2 and the HQD, and could understand what the fuss was about...

I sold Cello in the mid 1980s. Nothing I had ever seen was built as exquisitely. I met Mark at a Winter CES where he demonstrated a full Cello system with the Palette, Audio Suite, Double stacked Amati. The dynamics were absolutely insane, like horns without the coloration. And bass! He showed me how the Palette works, and then asked me to try it. The one question to ask:

What is wrong with the sound, and how would you adjust the controls

Within seconds I had adjusted the controls, then he looked at my settings, compared them to his notes, and showed them to me. Mine were almost identical to his. He subsequently invited me to his Manhattan showroom/loft, where I spent hours listening to his remastered Blue Note jazz recordings. He also had recordings he had made of Sonny Rollins, Paul Bley and others. This was a life changing experience for me. I was in my mid 20s.

Mark contacted me this mid Oct. We had a long chat, was good to catch up after so many years. Told me about the Maria Integrated and the new speakers. I was so intrigued I decided to buy 2 sets; Maria with Eva and Amber speakers.

I NEVER commit to a line unless I buy or have samples. In this case, I had lots of personal experience with Mark’s products, and felt comfortable that they would be something special. And they did NOT disappoint."

Adrian Low - CEO of Audio Excellence

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