Hegel Sound Engine

The Sound Engine Technology will cancel crossover distortion found in all types of class-AB amplifiers. The human ear is very sensitive to high-frequency distortion components in the music signal. The Hegel SoundEngine technology will cancel high-frequency distortion components found in normal types of audio amplifiers. The Hegel SoundEngine technology is not using any kind of global negative feedback, it is using local and adaptive feedforward technology if there should ever be any need for cancellation of distortion within the audio amplifier stages.


The H390 is a REBEL by offering much of the performance of our Reference products, albeit at a lower price. A REBEL that in one integrated product offers the same as others do in two or three. A REBEL that provides world-class sound, jaw-dropping power and comes packed with convenient services.

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The Hegel H120 integrated amplifier is a solid step up from entry-level models in terms of performance and features, made possible by its predecessors. With a larger power supply, it produces a dynamic sound and can handle large speakers with challenging drive loads. Its digital section, taken from higher-end models, is the core of the H120 and is ideal for digital music streaming enthusiasts. For its price, it is claimed to be the best at what it does.

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