Shunyata Sigma USB Digital Cable

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Shunyata Sigma USB Digital Cable

Experience unparalleled sound quality with the Shunyata Sigma USB Digital Cable. Designed with pure OHNO copper and fluorocarbon dielectrics in a VTX™ geometry, this cable minimizes signal jitter and phase noise for superior sonic performance. Its silver-plated copper braided shields protect delicate signals for the ultimate listening experience. Upgrade your USB cable game with the exclusive SR-USB-Cable from Shunyata Research.

Additional Length; $180/0.25m

Shunyata Sigma USB Digital Cable
Weight & Dimensions

Cable Type: SR-USB-b

Conductors: ArNi®, Ohno, PMZ, VTX

Dielectric: fluorocarbon

Characteristic Impedance: 90

Connectors: SR-USB-Conn

TAP Modules: 1

KPIP Processing: 4-days

Length: 1.50 meters