Shunyata - Sigma Ground Cable

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Shunyata - Sigma Ground Cable

Experience better clarity and dynamic range with the Shunyata Sigma Ground Cable, featuring ultra-premium Fluorocarbon dielectrics and ArNi® wire for ultra-precise audio performance. Enjoy exceptional heat resistance and strikingly low dielectric absorption for improved sonic low-level resolution. The perfect audio upgrade for audiophiles.

Additional length; $62/0.25m

Shunyata - Sigma Ground Cable
Weight & Dimensions

Cable Type: 8 gauge VTX-Ag™️

Conductors: ArNi ® OFE

Dielectric: fluorocarbon

Connectors: STIS™️ v3

CMODE Module: NA

KPIP Processing: 4-days

Standard Length: 1.00 meters