Shanling UA2 Plus Portable Wired USB DAC / Amp (Call/Email For Availability)

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Shanling UA2 Plus Portable Wired USB DAC / Amp

Enjoy the ultimate listening experience with the UA2 Plus, as it supports high-resolution audio files up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD files up to DSD512, providing native support for the most demanding audio formats.

Say goodbye to background noise and distortion with the UA2 Plus's RT6838 chip-based output stage. Delivering an impressive power output of up to 125mW under 32 Ohm, this device ensures exceptional audio clarity and precision, elevating your music to a whole new level.

The UA2 Plus comes equipped with a high-purity shielded cable featuring premium copper conductors, ensuring excellent conductivity for your audio streams. The robust sheath provides reliable protection, while the cotton/silver insulation effectively reduces the interference of high-frequency waves, commonly found near smartphones and consumer multimedia devices.


Product type

Portable DAC


1x USB-C


1x Single-ended stereo Jack 3.5mm
1x Balanced stereo Jack 4.4mm

Output power

Balanced : 195mW @ 32Ω
Single-ended : 125mW @ 32Ω

Frequency response

20Hz - 50kHz (-0.5dB)


0.0008% @32Ω (A)

Dynamic range

Balanced : 120 dB @32Ω (A)
Single-ended : 122 dB @32Ω (A)


Balanced : 116dB @32Ω (A)
Single-ended : 121dB @32Ω (A)


Balanced : 109dB @32Ω
Single-ended : 76dB @32Ω

Output impedance

Balanced : 1.6 Ohm
Single-ended : 0.8 Ohm

Weight & Dimensions


weight: 10.6 (without cable)