Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

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Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

What can you use it for?

The Okki Nokki is an ideal product to keep your records clean and in best shape

What's special about Okki Nokki?
The Okki Nokki is one of the quietest record cleaning machines out there and compete with much more expensive units while being simple to use


The Okki Nokki is a classic design of much more expensive record cleaning machines
From cleaning dirty records to maintaining good records you love, Okki Nokki will do it all
Do you love to play records but annoyed by the loud crackling noise? Well, Okki Nokki can help with that
Some vacuum record cleaners can be very loud but Okki Nokki uses very quiet motor which allows you to clean and change records in between while listening

Product Specifications

Single control button / extreme easy in use
Bi-directional full size 12-inch platter, including label size platter, record clamp with label cover and single adapter
Extremely silent and powerful vacuum system
Waste fluid reservoir with level indicator!
Includes 1x All-in-one vacuum arm 12 inch / 10 inch / 7 inch, 1x Goat-hair brush, 1x one-liter record cleaning fluid and dustcover