Norstone Stylum Max Speaker Stand

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Color: Black


Norstone Stylum Max Speaker Stand

Elevate your audio experience with the meticulously designed Stylum speaker stands, a testament to the collaboration of audio specialists and devoted enthusiasts. Crafted with precision, these stands boast a highly functional structure to meet the specific needs of audiophiles. The inclusion of adjustable spikes on both the top and bottom plates ensures optimal adjustments, providing a perfect and stable foundation for your speakers. Immerse yourself in unparalleled audio quality as the anti-vibration system within the Stylum line guarantees peak performance, allowing your speakers to deliver their full potential.

Stylum stands are more than just speaker support; they are a manifestation of thoughtful engineering tailored for the discerning audio fanatic. With attention to detail and a commitment to sonic excellence, these speaker stands enhance the clarity and precision of your audio setup, making them an essential addition for those who demand nothing short of perfection in their listening environment.

Weight & Dimensions


Product : W250 x D250 x H600m
Packaging : 690 x 315 x 125 mm

GROSS / NET WEIGHT : 17,7 kg / 16,5 kg