McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer (In Store Purchases Only)

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McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer (In Store Purchases Only)

Transform your audio landscape with the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer, a marvel of engineering that brings unmatched bass performance to your home audio system. Elevate your listening experience with precision, power, and passion.

🔍 Key Features:

✅ Over-the-Top Performance: Immerse yourself in the depths of low-frequency perfection, enhancing your home audio system with the PS2K's breathtaking performance.

✅ Big Powerful Woofers: Four 13" woofers with patented LD/HP® Magnetic Circuit Design deliver unparalleled bass, ensuring extreme linearity and reduced distortion for a truly breathtaking sound experience.

✅ Multi-Layer Carbon Fiber Cones: Crafted with innovative multi-layer carbon fiber cones, the PS2K achieves extreme rigidity and high power handling capability, setting a new standard in craftsmanship.

✅ Raw Power: Four woofers, each driven by a dedicated 500 Watt Class D amplifier, unite to unleash a total power output of up to 2,000 Watts. Meticulously calibrated for minimal distortion, the PS2K delivers clear, tight bass with astonishingly low distortion.

✅ Big Performance for All: Perfectly complement McIntosh Reference Two-Channel and Reference Home Theater systems or high-output loudspeakers from other manufacturers. The PS2K never "runs out of steam" at high volume levels, ensuring a seamless blend with any high-end audio or home theater system.

✅ Seamless Integration and Adjustability: Versatility meets performance with balanced and unbalanced inputs/outputs and daisy-chaining capabilities. Precisely tailor the PS2K to your preferences with adjustable Low Pass and High Pass filters, parametric EQ filters, Level Control, and Phase adjustment knobs.

✅ Built-in Protection: Power Guard® and Sentry Monitor™ technologies ensure a lifetime of listening by preventing harsh clipping and disengaging the amplifier's output stage in case of short-circuits.

✅ Crafted to Inspire: High gloss black finish with carbon trim and aluminum base, mirroring the elegance of McIntosh's renowned speakers. Power Control technology ensures seamless integration, while eco-friendly on/off signal sensing and glide feet/spikes offer convenience and fit for any space.

🎵 Experience the Pinnacle of Bass Perfection!

Elevate your audio journey with the McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer – a masterpiece in precision, power, and passion. Contact us today and let the art of sound inspire life's grandest moments. McIntosh invites you to discover a world where every note resonates, transcending sound and reaching the depths of your soul.



Impedance Nominal
8 Ohms
Power Output
2KW (Four 500W, one per woofer)
Maximum Output > 120 dB
Frequency Response
20Hz - 250Hz (variable)
Filter Frequencies
High Pass: 40Hz - 120Hz
Low Pass: 40Hz - 120Hz
Phase: Continuously Variable
Parametric: Two band 40Hz - 100Hz, variable bandwidth and level +/- 8dB
Input Sensitivity
1V Balanced
500mV Unbalanced (0.5V)
Total Harmonic Distortion
Amplifier: 0.07%
Preamplifier (rear panel outputs): 0.005%
Voltage Gain
Amplifier: 31dB
Preamplifier: 10dB
Level Control
Continuous variable available on rear panel
Signal To Noise Ratio
Input Impedance
20K Ohms Balanced
10K Ohms Unbalanced
Maximum Input Signal
9V Balanced
4.5V Unbalanced


Number of Woofers
Woofer Size
Woofer Type
Carbon Fiber with extra long excursion and Low Distortion High Performance (LD/HP®) Magnetic Circuit Design
Balanced Input
1 Pair Stereo
1 Subwoofer (mono)
Unbalanced Input
1 Pair Stereo
1 Subwoofer (mono)
Balanced Output
1 Pair Stereo
1 Subwoofer (mono)
Unbalanced Output
1 Pair Stereo
1 Subwoofer (mono)
Enclosure Finish
Highly polished Piano Black
Metal Finish
Anodized aluminum base
High Durable powder coated plate surfaces

Weight & Dimensions

Unit Dimensions (W x H x D)
19-1/4” (48.9cm) x 78-5/8” (199.7 cm) x 22-1/2” (57.2cm)
Base footprint: 25-5/16" (64.3cm) x 28-7/16" (21.43cm)
Unit Weight
458 lbs (207.7kg)
Shipping Weight
932 lbs (422.7kg)