Martin Logan Motion XT B100 (Please call/In-Store Only)

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Martin Logan Motion XT B100 (Please call/In-Store Only)

*Please note that the price indicated is for a pair*

Experience pristine sound quality with the Martin Logan Motion XT B100 bookshelf speakers. Designed to deliver exceptional audio performance, these compact speakers pack a punch with their detailed sound reproduction and impressive clarity. Immerse yourself in your favorite music, movies, and games with the Motion XT B100 speakers' dynamic range and balanced soundstage. These speakers are a perfect fit for any home audio setup, providing a seamless blend of style and substance. Upgrade your sound system with the Martin Logan Motion XT B100 bookshelf speakers and elevate your listening experience to new heights. Shop now to bring studio-quality sound into your living space.


The Motion XT line, or 'eXTreme', is MartinLogan's highest performance tier of Motion Series speakers. Motion XT is all about more;
more detail, more clarity, and more power. The Motion XT Series models pair high-performance Nomex Reinforced Kevlar Midrange
Drivers to eliminate detail-reducing resonance and ringing with MartinLogan's highest-performance tweeter, the aptly named Gen2
Folded Motion XT Tweeter. In addition, the Motion Waveguide enhances the Controlled Dispersion of the tweeter to a generous 45°
(Vertical) by 90°(Horizontal) to accommodate a wide range of seating and speaker placement options while avoiding clarity destroying
sound reflections within the environment.
Gen2 Folded Motion XT Tweeter:
The Gen2 Folded Motion XT Tweeter is the highest-performance variant of MartinLogan's signature FMT technology. Elevating the
signature FMT to new heights with a 40% increase in surface area, the FMT XT offers the most effortless and detailed sound in the
Motion range.
Controlled Dispersion:
Room acoustics are vital, as everything in the listening room impacts speaker performance. MartinLogan minimizes these harmful
effects by focusing the sound into the listening area, increasing flexibility, clarity, and placement options, regardless of the room's
Nomex Reinforced Kevlar Midrange:
Motion XT's Nomex Reinforced Kevlar Midrange provides an ideal combination of lightweight, high strength, anti-resonance, and antiringing for maximum fidelity. When paired with Motion XT's Gen2 FMT XT, the vocal clarity, dialogue, and instrumental accuracy are
unrivaled at any volume. Seamlessly blends with Motion XT CI products to make creating custom solutions a breeze.
F.A.S.T. Foot (Tower Models):
Tower models feature tool-less height adjustability utilizing rubber feet or spikes, allowing the user to level the speaker for maximum
stability on any floor perfectly. Built-in anti-vibration properties lower distortion by reducing ‘judders’ between the speaker and the
floor, leaving nothing but pure sound.
Enhanced Cabinet Bracing:
The latest Motion XT series cabinetry is our quietest design yet, maximizing the performance of the proprietary audio technologies.
Twin Cannon Bass Ports (Tower Models):
The bottom-mounted “Twin Cannon” bass ports provide deeper, cleaner, and more powerful bass across a wider range of placement
Floor Bounce Compensation (Tower Models):
Bringing studio reference sound to reality with precision woofer placement and crossover tuning, MartinLogan engineers have
designed their tower models to produce a more natural and full sound by taking advantage of a constant found in all listening rooms;
the floor!
McCracken-Vojtko Crossovers:
The culmination of combining extensive anechoic measurements, proprietary modeling software, in-room measurements, and multiple
blind listening tests with the low distortion philosophy of MartinLogan’s signature Vojtko Crossover. Through this process, each speaker
was refined to achieve the best real-world performance.

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