Lumin D3 Network Player

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Color: Black anodized brushed aluminum


Lumin D2 Network Player

Music streaming services now grant us instant access to vast libraries of high-quality audio tracks. LUMIN music streamers facilitate the integration of this expansive music collection into your Hi-Fi system, enhancing your listening experience. The LUMIN D3, in particular, boasts an upgraded processor for improved performance and the addition of exciting new features. It now supports DSD sampling up to DSD256/PCM384 for all supported formats, enhancing sound reproduction. Additionally, a new DAC configuration with the Sabre ES9028PRO enhances conversion duties.

The D3 also includes Tidal Connect and Apple AirPlay 2 support, offering more ways to enjoy music and discover new tracks. For those seeking to upgrade their audio setup, the D3 is an excellent choice, offering impressive specs and unbeatable value. Its standout features include a low-noise, fully balanced design with XLR outputs. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your music listening experience, the D3 is an excellent option.

The LUMIN range supports Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect services, allowing for easy streaming from anywhere. High-resolution streaming is available through Tidal and Qobuz, with the latter boasting a large catalog of high-resolution albums. Apple AirPlay 2 support allows for streaming from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to your LUMIN player.

For those with a collection of digital music, LUMIN streamers support playback of music in any format, including DSD, from hard drives connected directly to the player or via network storage devices. The free LUMIN App provides an easy and intuitive way to control your player, even if you're not a Roon user, ensuring a seamless music browsing and playback experience.


-Latest processor provides greater resampling flexibility
-New analogue output stage features Sabre DAC and a buffer including LUMIN X1 technology
-New DAC configuration featuring Sabre DAC ES9028PRO
-Retains fully balanced design including XLR outputs
-New surface finish taken from the high-end P1
-Upsampling and downsampling to every supported format up to DSD256/PCM384
-TIDAL Connect and Airplay 2 Compatible as well as Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, MQA, TIDAL, Qobuz, Plex and TuneIn
-Completely new hardware and software provide a new foundation for LUMIN
-Increased processing power and storage capacity provide greater resampling flexibility and future-proofing
-ES9028PRO DAC with up to DSD256 & PCM384 playback support
-Analogue buffer includes LUMIN X1 technology
-Ultra-low-noise and high dynamic range
-The thick CNC front panel and new all-aluminium enclousure provide superior damping performance
-Improves on D2 chassis by eliminating steel

Weight & Dimensions

300mm (W), 244mm (D), 60mm (H) Weight: 2.5kg

Up to DSD256, 1-bit, Stereo
Up to 384kHz, 16–32-bit, Stereo
ESS SABRE32 ES9028Pro DAC chip
Balanced layout with high-quality components
Completely redesigned analogue buffer includes audiograde output capacitor and ultra-low-noise and high dynamic range
Discreet clock system for precision timing
DSD256 upsampling option for all files
PCM 384kHz upsampling option for all files
PCM 44.1kHz–192kHz, 16–24-bit
DSD (DoP, DSD over PCM) 2.8MHz, 1-bit
Internal 100–240V AC auto-ranging
Shielded power supply compartment for reduced interference with delicate electronics
Black anodised aluminium
Raw anodised aluminium