JL Amplifier & Calibration Microphone Models

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Model: SA-600W


JL Amplifier & Calibration Microphone Models

Enhance your audio system with JL Amplifier & Calibration Microphone Models. These powerful and versatile models from JL Audio are designed to optimize your audio experience with precision and accuracy.

JL Amplifier Models deliver exceptional power and performance, allowing you to amplify your audio signals with clarity and efficiency. With advanced features and robust construction, JL Amplifiers provide clean and powerful sound reproduction, bringing your music and movies to life with immersive detail.

Pair your JL Amplifier with a Calibration Microphone Model for precise audio calibration. These microphones are specifically designed to capture and analyze room acoustics, allowing you to fine-tune your audio system for optimal sound quality. Achieve balanced frequency response, accurate speaker placement, and immersive surround sound with JL Calibration Microphone Models.

With a range of amplifier models and calibration microphone options to choose from, JL Audio provides solutions for every audio enthusiast. Whether you're setting up a home theater system, upgrading your car audio, or perfecting your studio setup, JL Amplifier & Calibration Microphone Models are your go-to choice.

Experience the power, precision, and customization options of JL Amplifier & Calibration Microphone Models. Elevate your audio system to new heights and enjoy a truly immersive listening experience. Explore the range of JL Audio models and unlock the full potential of your audio setup today.


SA 600W:

Amplifier Power 600 W x 1 at 3 ohms
450 W x 1 at 4 ohms
300 W x 1 at 6 ohms
225 W x 1 at 8 ohms
Power Mode(s) Off, On or Automatic (Signal-Sensing or 12V Trigger)
12V Trigger Output Capacity 150 mA (1/8-inch/3.5mm mini jack)
Light Modes N/A

Width (W) 16.84 in / 428 mm
Height (H) 1.75 in / 44 mm
Depth (D) 13.63 in / 346 mm
Net Weight 13.5 lb / 6.12 kg