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Gryphon Legato Legacy

Introducing the Gryphon Legato Legacy, a masterpiece of analog audio engineering designed to elevate your vinyl listening experience to new heights. Building on the legacy of the original Legato phonostage, the Legato Legacy is a testament to Gryphon's commitment to analog sound reproduction.

For audiophiles who still cherish the warmth and authenticity of vinyl, the Legato Legacy is a revelation. With its fully balanced design and meticulous attention to detail, this phonostage delivers a smooth, flowing musical experience that captures the essence of the original recording.

The Legato Legacy is available in both modular and stand-alone versions, each offering the same exceptional circuitry and sound quality. The modular version can be installed in the Gryphon Pandora preamplifier, powered by its power supply, while the stand-alone version comes in a stylish slimline cabinet with its power supply.

The sensitive low-level signal is fully shielded in a dual mono, RF-free environment, ensuring pristine sound quality. Critical components are sourced from suppliers with extensive experience in building military or medical equipment, guaranteeing reliability and performance.

Designed to fully exploit the balanced nature of phono cartridges, the Legato Legacy features the finest balanced XLR connectors and a Swiss precision attenuator for impedance loading. This allows you to customize the sound to your liking, ensuring optimal performance with your cartridge.

With Gryphon's signature design and performance, the Legato Legacy is more than just a phonostage – it's a statement of your commitment to the vinyl listening experience. Immerse yourself in the world of vinyl with the Gryphon Legato Legacy and rediscover the magic of black vinyl.


Selectable MC input impedance from 10 Ohm to 47 kOhm
Custom impedance load option
Selectable gain
MM or MC input
Extremely low noise
Dual mono configuration
Fully balanced circuit, a Gryphon phonostage innovation as early as 1994
Fully discrete circuit
Select premium-grade components
Swiss XLR connectors
Zero negative feedback
Short signal path with no internal wiring
Available as stand-alone unit or as integrated modules in the Gryphon Pandora and the Gryphon Sonata-Allegro preamplifiers.
Dual mono external power supplies
Custom-made C-core transformers
DC coupling
AC mains filtering
Fully sealed double-sided mil spec PC boards
75 µm copper traces
Made in Denmark