Gryphon Atlas Decoupling System (4pcs) (Email or Call For Availability)

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Gryphon Atlas Decoupling System (4pcs)

Introducing Gryphon Atlas Spikes, the pinnacle of vibration control technology designed to elevate your audio system to new heights of clarity and transparency. Engineered with precision and crafted from premium materials, Atlas Spikes provide a one-way conduit for resonances, ensuring that unwanted vibrations are efficiently channeled away from your equipment.

Unlike conventional vibration control accessories, Gryphon Atlas Spikes are meticulously assembled from Polyoxymethylene (POM), aluminum, and tempered steel components. Extensive listening tests have confirmed that this unique combination of materials creates an ideal pathway for resonances to escape, without the risk of storing energy that could degrade sound quality.

The design of Gryphon Atlas Spikes takes into account the size, shape, and material composition to ensure optimal performance. They act as mechanical diodes, conducting energy in one direction only, effectively blocking it in the other direction. This uni-directional evacuation path enhances bass firmness, soundstage focus, and overall clarity and openness.

Gryphon Atlas Spikes are versatile and easy to use, with M4 screw threads for mounting under loudspeakers and adhesive pads for placement under audio components. The height of each spike can be fine-tuned for optimal performance, making them suitable for a wide range of components, including vibration-sensitive tube amplification and motor-driven devices like turntables and disc players.

Experience the difference Gryphon Atlas Spikes can make in your audio system. By eliminating the adverse effects of vibration, resonance, and microphonics, Atlas Spikes bring you closer to the ultimate neutrality and transparency in sound reproduction.