Bluesound Node AIB Upgrade Module

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Expected to be available November 2023

The Node AIB is an internal power supply design for the Node N130. The AIB is used together with the Sbooster 5-6V upgrade power supply. This combination
takes the Bluesound Node to a whole new level of performance. The MAXimalistic design
improves literally every aspect of the stock power supply circuit.

The AIB sits inside the Bluesound NODE, and installation is easy and reversible, involving only a
screwdriver. This "super NODE" is now powered using the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII 5-6V.

Enjoy a profound upgrade to this renowned streaming DAC.

"In our opinion, we have lifted the playback quality of the Bluesound Node N130 to a level that
is on par with music streamers that are many times more expensive," says Wiebren Draaijer,
owner/developer at Sbooster/HD Electronics Ltd.

Audio-Grade Components:
- Sbooster-style C8 connector with gold-plated pins
- High-purity silver-plated OCC wire
- Gold-plated PCB connector terminals
- Dual-stage non-inductive low-pass filter
- High-performance active filter
- High-performance hybrid capacitors
- Two-layer 2 oz gold-plated PCB with low impedance, made in Bulgaria
- Cryo treated fuse for the BOTW P&P ECO MKII 5-6V in the product package

Weight & Dimensions

Input Voltage: 6V
Output Rating: 5V/2A
Connector Type: OEM Sbooster 2-pin