New Product - Wilson Audio XVX Chronosonic Speakers

New Product - Wilson Audio XVX Chronosonic Speakers
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October 25, 2019

Wilson Audio XVX Chronosonic Speakers -$325,000 USD

I flew down to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this year for 2 main reasons. One was to see the debut of the Wilson Audio XVX Chronosonic speakers, Daryl Wilson’s latest masterpiece.

Based on the WAMM Chronosonic, David Wilson’s last design and his magnum opus, Daryl and his team incorporated much of the WAMM into a shorter, more compact chassis, yet retaining most of the performance. In fact, the XVX includes newer, improved parts that the WAMM does not have, like the 7” AlNiCo-magnet (Aluminum/Nickel/Cobalt) midrange driver and a new enclosure material called the V material. These were designed after the WAMM. The AlNiCo midrange driver was the last project that David Wilson was involved with before he passed away. He had wanted to design a driver based on this magnet because of the organic sweetness in his experience. Daryl and his team finished the design and implemented it in the XVX.

The V material is reportedly not quite as rigid as the S material (the most rigid and strongest Wilson-proprietary enclosure material), but far more self-dampening, by orders of magnitude. Because of this incredible self-damepning characteristic, the V-material is used to isolate the upper modules from the bass chassis to further reduce resonance transmission and crosstalk between the 2 assemblies.

One of the hallmarks of Wilson Audio speakers is time alignment. Wilson’s higher models can be adjusted in tiny increments for optimum phase and time. With the XVX, the adjustment resolution is down to 2 microseconds (2 millionths of a second!) Daryl says that formal studies show that humans can distinguish down to 7 microseconds. To achieve this level of fine adjustment, David Wilson invented a special system; using a wheel built into the side of the enclosure, you can move each individual module in very fine, smooth increments. Much like adjusting the hands of a fine swiss watch!

I was able to interview Daryl Wilson, and ask him about his background, his influences and how his father, David, taught him to design. To watch the interview, please click here

Unfortunately the XVX was only on passive display so I did not get to hear them. However, given Daryl’s track record (he has designed/co-designed all of the Wilson speakers for the past 15 years), I have no doubt that the XVX will be a superb speaker. Price is $325,000 USD.

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