New Product - McIntosh C2700 Pre-amplifier

New Product - McIntosh C2700 Pre-amplifier
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by: Adrian Low
October 25, 2019
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C2700 Tube Preamp - $10,800

The C2600 tube preamp was the most successful product in McIntosh’ lineup, and for good reason. It is full-featured, including MM/MC phono stage, DAC, plenty of inputs and outputs, and most importantly, it sounds great.


The C2700 takes it further. Firstly, the DAC is a removable module containing the latest decoding technology. This feature ensures that future digital upgrades can be easily done by simply removing the existing module and replacing it with a new one, thus preserving your investment


The C2700 also has an audio-only HDMi input with Audio Return Channel. This means you can connect your compatible TV and enjoy the best possible sound. At the same time, you can use the C2700 remote to control the TV’s power and volume. Connected this way, the sound of your TV is as good as possible, running through your audio system instead of the terrible speakers found in flat screen tvs.


Typical of McIntosh’s fanatical attention to detail, the dual-chassis design keeps the analog and digital sections separate to prevent signal corruption. This separation ensures that distortion is kept to the lowest possible.


Finally, the C2700 chassis features McIntosh’s timeless design, highlighted by a black glass panel backlit by direct LED lighting, the company’s trademark Blue meters, rotary knobs, aluminum endcaps and polished stainless steel chassis. The 6 tubes glow behind a glass panel, adding to the beauty of the design.

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