Sonus faber Launches the New Olympica Nova Collection of Speakers

Sonus faber Launches the New Olympica Nova Collection of Speakers
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by: Adrian Low
September 11, 2019

Sonus faber Launches the New Olympica Nova Collection of Speakers
Replacing a successful line is never easy, and such is the case with the Olympica collection. Launched in 2013, the Olympica speakers quickly became a huge success for Sonus faber. Inspiration for the original Olympica speakers came from the Teatro Olimpica, designed by Vicenza’s famous architect Antonio Palladio. The Olympic Stadium is a performance hall, and was one of the first to incorporate highly innovative designs combining amazing illusions of depth and space in a relatively small hall, with superb acoustics. The speakers are built using beautiful organic materials, old world Italian craftsmanship, and throw a huge soundstage, much like the Teatro Olimpica. Having visited the venue, I can attest to its magnificence.

I was lucky to be among the first to see the new collection when I visited the Munich High End Show in May. Only international distributors were invited to the event, but I finagled my way in. Paolo Tezzon (Chief Engineer and Designer) and Livio Cucuzza (Director of Industrial Design) were obviously very excited. After a brief power point presentation, the dynamic duo unveiled the speakers. The room exploded with claps and cheers upon seeing the Nova collection.
Comprising 3 floor-standing, 1 bookshelf, 2 center and 1 On-Wall models, the range extends from approximately $9,000 to $23,000. While somewhat similar externally, Nova is completely new from ground up.
The drivers are new, along with the crossovers which use custom Clarity Cap capacitors. The enclosures are made with 8-layer bended wood for superior rigidity. Strategically-placed braces further increase rigidity and minimize cabinet vibrations. A solid piece of extruded aluminum is bonded on the back of the enclosure again to increase rigidity, but also act as a special port, controlling airflow and minimize unwanted port noise. The new speakers no longer rake backward, unlike the old series. This makes the new collection easier to place as they take up less space.
And despite all the upgrades and improvements, the prices have remained the same!
Only 4 dealers in North America were chosen to help launch the Olympica Nova collection, and we are proud to be one. We received our first shipment this week.

Click here to see our unboxing videos and our first impressions:

Available in Wenge or Walnut. Come in and listen to these Italian masterpieces.


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