New Products - MTI-100 Turntable/Preamp/Amp

New Products - MTI-100 Turntable/Preamp/Amp
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by: Adrian Low
August 15, 2019
MTI100 Hero remote.jpg

MTI-100 Turntable/Preamp/Amp

Perhaps my favourite new McIntosh product is the MTI-100. It is a turntable, tonearm, cartridge, tube preamp with analog and digital inputs, Bluetooth capable, Headphone output, Subwoofer output and a 50 watt/ch amplifier! All you need to do is connect a pair of speakers and you have a complete system! And this one actually really sounds good! We’ve connected different speakers including some pretty tough loads. In all cases, the MTI-100 sounds amazingly good, and is very easy to use. Plus it takes up very little space.

The MTI-100 is perfect for condos, your study, your office, or anywhere that you simply want amazing quality without taking up any space.

At $8,775, the MTI-100 is a stunning product for the price. You can get similar performance from separate components, but at a higher cost with more space needed. I’m VERY impressed by this component! Count me sold.


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