New Products - Mcintosh Preamplifiers

New Products - Mcintosh Preamplifiers


McIntosh has announced 2 new preamplifiers, the C53 and C49 to replace the C52 and C47 respectively.


C53 Lifestyle HDMI OG.jpg

The C53 includes a long list of inputs including Phono MM and MC, 8 custom EQ bands, and the new, advanced DA2 upgradeable Digital Audio Module to ensure that future digital upgrades can be facilitated by the simple swapping of modules. The DA2 module includes connections for coax, optical, USB, McIntosh’s proprietary MCT, as well as audio-only HDMi Audio Return (connect to a compatible TV so the sound has a completely new level of quality), and support for DSD512.


The C49 has a multitude of inputs including Phono MM and MC, and features McIntosh’s upgradeable DA1 Digital Audio Module. Like the DA2, it has coax, optical, USB and McIntosh’s proprietary MCT. The DA1 will support up to DSD256.

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