Sonus faber Minima Amator II

Sonus faber Minima Amator II
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by: Adrian Low 
August 13, 2019

As part of the company’s Heritage Collection, the Minima Amator II joins the Electa Amator III, celebrating their 36th year of business.



The original Minima was first introduced in 1992. Franco Serblin, founder and designer of Sonus faber speakers, insisted that his creations had to reproduce music as he heard it, and they had to be beautiful works of art. The original Minima was made with Walnut wood, leather, and high quality drivers voiced to his uncompromising standard. The result was a spectacular success worldwide, similar to the big brother, the Electa Amator.


The new Minima Amator II is the vision and creation of Paolo Tezzon and Livio Cucuzza, the duo responsible for the company’s designs for the past 15 years or so. Paying careful attention to the original’s intent and design, they have also updated it using the latest in driver and crossover technology.



When we heard the Electa Amator III, we were all stunned at how good the speakers are. No, not quite as neutral as Wilsons’, or even the “regular” line of Sonus faber speakers, the Amator III has a slight but distinctly warmer character, much like the speakers that Franco designed. Turns out that this was done on purpose. Paolo and Livio wanted the Heritage Collection to have a warmer sound overall. And yet, the warmth does not take away anything. Details abound. There is no sense of any muffling, or lacking in any air. Imaging is very sold, with spectacular soundstage width and depth. The warmth in this context is similar to a slightly forgiving presentation. Harsh recordings are still harsh, but easier on the ears. More nylon string acoustic guitar than steel. Or perhaps more of the body of the guitar than the string. In any case, the Electa Amator III are superior in every way to the originals, and yet you can easily hear and see the lineage.

We excitedly look forward to the Minima Amator II, as we are told that they will have the same essence, in a smaller enclosure and a lower price (to be determined).

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