Wilson Audio TuneTot - First Impressions

Wow! The TuneTot is a true Wilson Audio speaker. There is an effortlessness and a rightness about the TuneTot. It doesn’t really sound like a typical small bookshelf speaker because it isn’t. The TuneTot overcomes most of the shortcomings inherent to small bookshelf designs.

I feel especially attuned to the TuneTot. Let me explain. Back in the day, I was fortunate to own a pair of Rogers – the LS2 – and I loved this speaker. The LS2 imaged magnificently and had that musical British midrange. I thoroughly enjoyed discovering all sorts of new music through my little Rogers. I tried to keep them on the proper stands but somehow they ended up placed on furniture and of course, this placement diminished some of the speaker’s magic. Surprisingly, bookshelf speakers are not designed to be used on bookshelves.

Enter the TuneTot. Wilson has spent considerable effort to create a new speaker that embraces difficult placements – such as bookshelves, credenzas, countertops – and reveals a whole new world of sonic possibilities. Placement no longer has to be ideal with the specific criteria of space. The best spot for the TuneTot can be almost on any elevated surface. And Yes, TuneTots are designed to be used on bookshelves.

If you have experience with the current Wilson sound, then you know. Listen to a pair of Sabrinas and listen to the TuneTots and tell me the difference. The TuneTots don’t really project that much “less”. The Sabrina and its larger brethren will have more bass. That’s really about the most noticeable difference. And you won’t really miss it.

The TuneTots creates a realistically palpable soundstage only limited by the distance between the speakers. More space in between will make for a larger soundstage. Imaging is similar to the Sabrina and creates a vivid musical window. Everything is authoritatively focused but never harsh or exaggerated. This is a very truthful speaker that never gets flustered. Beautifully recorded music will sound beautiful and your hair will stand on end. The TuneTot can surprise – changes of pace are handled easily and happily. Play a little Black Sabbath – NP, play a little Bach – bring it on, ya wanna hear a little Jay-Z – drop the needle. And all that other audiophile stuff is good too.

Setup is a breeze. From your listening position, you should be able to see a bit of the inward surface and the top surface – so toe-in a little for soundstaging and imaging and angle up or down if needed for time alignment – adjustable spikes are provided. They should have a little space behind them as there are bass reflex ports in the back of the speaker and foam plugs are provided if you need to reduce some of the bass response. That’s it. The TuneTot will easily fill your space with musical Joy and insert itself into your life.

Can you tell I like this speaker? I LOVE this speaker.

Watch our unboxing video here:

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