iFi AC iPurifier Works Real Good

iFi AC iPurifier Works Real Good
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by: Vilip Mak 
May 4, 2018

Audio Excellence, Toronto's pre-eminent purveyor of great audio gear (yes we have Wilson Audio, McIntosh Labs, MSB Technology, PS Audio, Naim, Legacy Audio, Magnepan, Devialet, clearaudio, Elac, Pro-Ject, etc.) , proudly presents for your perusal another difference maker.

I dare you to say that this latest goodie from those iFi dudes won't change your audio life. I Dare You...

Just plug the iPurifier into the same wall socket you have your system powered. And if you have lousy electricity like the majority of us, you will be instantly gratified. It's like seeing your loved one for the first time, so fresh and beautiful, you tingle - the hair on the back of your neck stands up in rapturous joy. You can't help yourself.

Image by iFi Audio, edited by Jay Lee @ Audio Excellence

Image by iFi Audio, edited by Jay Lee @ Audio Excellence

Come on, just try it.

There's a lot going on underneath a very understated and elegant white cylinder. Military-Grade Active Noise Cancellation is foremost. A Passive Noise Reduction circuit virtually eliminates higher frequency power line noise without audible side-effects. Not the least is a solid ground/earth with ground-loop protection. You can also run diagnostics to check grounding and polarity. And it will protect against surges.

And it all works real good. The sound is instantly transformed - no break-in necessary. Plug it in and you will be amazed. Everything is better defined - a bigger and more sumptuous soundstage - every instrument and voice is clearly more delineated to promote a more natural imaging - yes, things hang in the air - the bass gets deeper and portrays more substance and texture - not so one note anymore. And all of this is done in a realistic and truthful presentation.

iFi suggests using three iPurifiers - one at the main socket and two additional units at the power bar/line conditioner - one each for the digital and analog components of your system. And it is totally doable because, wait for it, the best part is the price of the iPurifier - $139 each - $139 EACH!

Come to Audio Excellence and experience our iPurifier demo - your life will be transformed in minutes, seconds, instantly.

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