Shunyata Möbius

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Size: Möbius (6 pack in black)


Shunyata Möbius

The Möbius Cable Suspension System provides the most secure, versatile static-field neutralization solution on the market. The Möbius Cable Suspension System incorporates an energy-absorbing full-wrap suspension bridge that supports a wide variety of cables. The polymer bands have the unique ability to dissipate vibrational energy, preventing it from being coupled between the floor and the cable. The Möbius Cable Suspension System renders a significant reduction in perceived noise and time smear, yielding improved focus, clarity, depth, and spatial information. No matter the gauge, the Möbius Cable Suspension System will provide the protection and performance your cable investments deserve.

Sold individually or as a set of six.

Shunyata Möbius
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