Norstone Vinyl LP Case

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Norstone Vinyl LP Case

Unleash the versatility of the Vinyl LP Case, a storage solution that effortlessly transitions between a stylish record store-style crate and a modern shelf, adapting to your every whim. Seamlessly flip through your vinyl favorites in crate mode or showcase your entire collection on a sleek shelf, boasting an impressive capacity for up to 80 vinyl records.

Crafted with a robust metal structure and bamboo casing, this storage unit stands the test of time, offering unmatched durability. Whether wall-mounted in crate or shelf configuration, the Vinyl LP Case invites endless interior design possibilities. Stack multiple modules to create a towering display of vinyl excellence, enhancing the ambiance near your cherished turntable. Elevate your space with sophistication and make a statement by proudly exhibiting your vinyl collection with the adaptable and chic Vinyl LP Case.

Norstone Vinyl LP Case
Norstone Vinyl LP Case Sale price$158.00
Weight & Dimensions

Shelf: 30 kg
80 Vinyls per module
External Dimensions (W × H × D): 345 × 345 × 330 mm