New Arrival: Innuos

New Arrival: Innuos
originally posted
by: Adrian Low
June 4, 2019

Innuos is based in Portugal, and has been making waves worldwide with their superb servers. Reviewers consistently give the company awards for Best Sound, Best Performance, Best Value etc. I finally heard the Statement, their top of the line, at the recent Montreal Show. Sharing the room with PMC and Hegel, the system made music. Effortlessly. I stayed for a long time, just listening. Of course I knew that the great sound did not belong just to the Innuos Statement. It’s always the weakest link that determines the end result. I was so impressed that we immediately became dealers.

Zen Mini mk3

Zen Mini mk3

There are lots of very good servers out there. I think what makes Innuos unique is the amazing performance/value ratio. For example, the Zen Mini mk3 includes a CD Ripper, Internet Radio, Spotify Coax, Optical Toslink Digital outputs, Stereo RCA outputs, Roon Core and Endpoint (so you don’t need a computer anymore!), 1TB (up to 8TB) hard drive storage, dual ethernet ports for more music, all in a CNC-machined aluminum metal chassis for only $1,649! Many non-descript Streamers cost more than this, and don’t have any facility for built-in music storage, CD ripping OR Roon.


We will have the full range available for demonstration shortly. I am truly excited by this line.

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