New Arrival: Dan D’Agostino Progression

New Arrival: Dan D’Agostino Progression
originally posted
by: Adrian Low
June 4, 2019

I’ve been lusting after these bad boys for a while, and finally placed the order for a pair of the D’Agostino Progression monoblock amplifiers. Rated at 500 watts into 8 ohms, 1000 watts into 4 and 2000 watts into 2 ohms, these are the most powerful amps that Dan D’Agostino made until he released the Relentless Monoblocks (1500 watts at 8 ohms!) Borrowing heavily from the Momentum series, the Progression amplifiers have a similar Venturi heatsink system, a large 180-degree meter on the front (inspired by high end Swiss watches), and advanced protection techniques. The Progression amps are fully balanced and direct coupled, with no capacitors in the signal path. This gives the best sound from the lowest bass on up.

I heard these amplifiers extensively when I delivered and installed them at a client’s magnificent home. The system comprised MSB Reference DAC fully loaded, Progression Preamp and mono amps, with the Wilson Alexia 2 speakers. The results were astounding. Completely effortless, with deep, powerful bass, smooth and tactile midrange, and highs that are extended yet sweet. Dynamics, both macro and micro, were among the best I’ve heard. The room is huge, and opens to the rest of a palatial home. Yet the system managed to sound effortless. My litmus test has always been whether the system draws me in; regardless of how great different parts of the sound might be, if the system doesn’t draw me in, make me want to play more music, then it doesn’t matter. I just came back from the Munich High End show where I heard dozens of systems costing over 250,000 euro. Except for 2 systems, non drew me into the music. My client and I played all kinds of music. Non were “audiophile-approved”. He loves Leonard Cohen. I don’t. At least not when Cohen sings. Yet I found myself hearing, for the first time, the words that make his music so great. I knew then, that I had to have a pair of the Progression amps. No, not cheap. Not for most of us. But, for those that can, the Progression amps are among the best you can buy.


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