New Arrival: MSB Technology

New Arrival: MSB Technology
originally posted
by: Adrian Low
June 4, 2019

MSB Technology is an overnight success…only took the company 25 years to get the respect they deserve! Well, better late than never. MSB designs their own ladder DACs, transports and now amplifiers. I heard their first CD player back in the late 80s. It was one of the few players that could play music. The last generation of DACs and Transport sold me on how good they are. The famed Analog DAC sold really well. Many owners are diehard analog fans, and are very pleased with the Analog DAC.

msb-discrete-dac front-rear_0.jpg

This new generation takes it so much farther. Regular CDs sound truly wonderful. I don’t find myself missing the LP. Sacrilege, some will say, but it’s true. I honestly didn’t think this would have been possible. The MSB Discrete DAC starts at $13,500. No small change. Yet I find it just as enjoyable as any turntable set up in its price. Different, but just as musically engaging. No harshness, no thinness, just simply musical. If you are a Tidal user, you will love this DAC. It opens up a whole world of music to you. Choose from a library of millions of songs, without compromise. We do our demos with Tidal feeding the MSB Discrete routinely, and it is truly fantastic.


Come by and give it a listen. If you are in the market for a digital source, or simply want to access millions of songs easily, and don’t want to compromise the sound, you NEED to hear the MSB line

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