Video of Magnepan 30.7 at Audio Excellence

“Hi Adrian, I’m coming to Toronto with the Magnepan 30.7 speakers in 2 weeks, July 27th. Why don’t you invite a few people?”

That was the gist of an email I received from Wendell. We were all shocked and delighted. Shocked because there wasn’t much time to prepare, but delighted because Wendell had never had the opportunity to meet with our clients, much less demo the new top of the line model. My team and I scrambled to make the event work. Jay was tasked with recording the entire event and did a great job. The rest of us made sure the event went off without a hitch

Wendell arrived Sat morning in a minivan. The speakers were packed in custom crates with wheels and handles so that moving them was simplified. Wendell had even made a custom 4-wheel cart to move the crates!

I was very curious to see how Wendell set up the speakers. After unpacking and assembling the feet on each panel, he placed the panels approximately 5 feet from the front wall, angled towards the listening area. He then played pink noise, and with a spectrum analyzer, he moved the bass panels until the smoothest and best bass was achieved. The mid-high frequency panel was placed inside the bass panel, about 1” further back.

After he was satisfied with what he was seeing on the spectrum analyzer, Wendell played a cut from Reference Recordings’ Minnesota Orchestra at the Minnesota Orchestra Hall. Magnepan has seasons’ tickets so Wendell is intimately familiar with the sound of the recording and the hall. After further tweaking, he said that he was satisfied the sound was similar to what he hears in the hall.

The sound was certainly dynamic, powerful and filled our room easily. The hallmark Magnepan strengths like openness, three-dimensionality, depth and accurate tonal balance were all very apparent.


For the event, we decided to use relatively inexpensive electronics. Wendell had said that as long as the amplifier had enough power and was decent, he would be happy. We chose the Parasound P6 preamp, JC-5 power amplifier, with McIntosh MS500 music streamer and MCD550 CD player. Cables were Nordost.


Here are 2 videos we made. The first shows a small part of Wendell setting up the speakers. The other is Wendell talking about the speakers, and then a short Q&A after the presentation. Due to copyright restrictions on YouTube, we could not include the entire music selection.

Here is a link to Glen Wagenknecht’s review of the event on 6moons


Our deepest thanks to Wendell for making this incredible effort, and to all of you who attended!

Adrian Low