Wilson Audio SabrinaX

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Wilson Audio SabrinaX

When it came time to upgrade the Sabrina, Daryl and his team faced a conundrum: how could they upgrade a loudspeaker already loved for its supreme musicality? His first goal was to preserve Sabrina’s affability and intrinsic listenability. When looking for ways to improve Sabrina, Daryl drew directly from his last project, the Chronosonic XVX. With those tools in hand, Daryl evolved an already great platform into a loudspeaker with even greater musicality—while at the same time, improving its transient speed, resolution, intimacy, and transparency. This video explores how he and his engineering team pulled it off. Introducing the all-new SabrinaX.

The original Sabrina utilized X-Material only in its baffle and lower spike plate. Now, the SabrinaX outer enclosure is constructed entirely from X-Material. The SabrinaX cabinet comes that much closer to the near-silent ideal Wilson has systematically pursued for decades. The music emerges through SabrinaX from a blacker background. Bass transient performance and clarity are vastly improved. Listeners will hear superior “silence between the notes,” which, among other factors, enhance Sabrina’s rhythmic timing and pace.

The Wilson tweeter combines ultra-low distortion, micro and macro contrast, and high resolution with a sense of ease, accessibility, and supreme musicality. Technically and musically, the MK5 continues to be the most honest and engaging tweeter we’ve experienced.When the new woofers’ intrinsically excellent dynamic resolution and transient performance combines with the SabrinaX’s more inert cabinet, the result is ultra-fast and articulate midbass and a solid and authoritative bass foundation.

The first design to benefit from Wilson’s recent integration of capacitor design and manufacturer into the factory in Provo, Utah, was the Chronosonic XVX. Led by engineer Vern Credille, the design team developed a proprietary multi-wound capacitor specifically for the XVX, which the engineers dubbed Wilson AudioCapX-WA. The team took a similar approach with Wilson's smallest floorstander. Now, SabrinaX's crossover benefits from a version of the Wilson AudioCapX specific to its needs. The new capacitor technology significantly lowers the noise floor to even greater extremes, allowing the listener to hear more detail and resolution.

The new model utilizes the same Wilson designed and manufactured binding post as the XVX. It is easier to tighten by hand, and also features a banana plug option. This unique Wilson Audio connector resets the bar for reliability and sonic integrity for high-current connections.

Wilson Audio SabrinaX
Wilson Audio SabrinaX Sale priceFrom $30,100.00
  • Sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1W @ 1m @ 1 kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms / 2.60 ohms minimum @ 135 Hz
  • Minimum Amplifier Power: 50 Watts per channel
  • Frequency Response: 31 Hz – 23 kHz: +/- 3 dB: Room Average Response (RAR)
  • Drivers: 8" woofer, 5.75" mid, 1" tweeter
  • Enclosure Type: Rear Ported
  • Woofer: Paper Pulp
  • Midrange: Doped Paper Pulp
  • Tweeter: Doped Silk Fabric
Weight & Dimensions

Height: 38 inches (96.46 cm)
with spikes: 40 5/16 inches (102.34 cm)
Width: 12 inches (30.48 cm)
Depth: 15 5/16 inches (38.96 cm)
System Weight Per Channel: 112 lb (50.80 kg)
System Shipping Weight (approx.): 290 lbs (131.54 kg)