Wilson Audio Mezzo CSC Center Channel

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Wilson Audio Mezzo CSC Center Channel

Wilson Audio approaches a new product release with the utmost care and consideration; every factor is examined, including the choice of materials, the aesthetic appeal, the technological advancements, and, most importantly, the auditory experience it delivers. A mere singular modification is not sufficient to warrant a new launch; instead, a multitude of enhancements must be present. That is exactly what you get with Mezzo CSC. We strive to push the boundaries of what is possible to deliver an unparalleled listening experience. We continue the legacy of “Excellence in All Things” with Mezzo CSC, combining cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship to create a loudspeaker that transcends expectations.

Mezzo CSC is a work of art that not only sounds extraordinary, but complements your living space with elegance. You can install the Mezzo CSC directly on the ground or raise the loudspeaker height on a purpose-built Wilson Audio Stand.

"Bringing home the passionate impact of live, un-amplified music through two-channel reproduction has been the cultural compass of Wilson Audio since its inception more than five decades ago. Applying the same focus and expertise to Multi-Channel Audio systems has been a natural extension of that passion." -Daryl Wilson


Mezzo CSC has been intentionally engineered with the highest quality and best-performing components. This obsession with the ideal has led to Mezzo CSC weighing in at 200 pounds of world-class capability.

Custom-built Wilson Audio binding posts have now also been integrated into Mezzo CSC. Both banana plug termination and traditional spade connections can be used with this binding post. This premier binding post offers a clean signal path with an upgraded and larger contact surface area for your speaker cables.