Shunyata Typhon T2 Power Distributors

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Power Cable: No Power Cable

Power Cable

Shunyata Typhon T2 Power Distributors

Shunyata Power Conditioners do NOT ship with a power cable. A separate power cable with C19 termination is required!

The revelatory improvements that are readily apparent when adding a Typhon T2 to any system include an immediate and dramatic increase in dynamic expression; as if you added wattage to amplifiers or headroom and scale to your system’s dynamic capability. The T2 delivers on the promise of enhanced timing, improved imaging, and a revelatory increase in the three-dimensional presence of instruments and voice in space. These are not subtle enhancements but are instead easy to hear, immediate gains similar to making a massive component upgrade. Perhaps the most notable improvement is that along with all these improvements comes an unforced, organic ease and noise-less background which permeates the space in and around your favorite recordings.

Umbilical Upgrades
Shunyata Research has optimized every part and technology that goes into the Typhon T2 with a single-minded approach to optimal performance. An obvious case in point are the two models of umbilical cables ideally suited for high-current transfer. The umbilical connection on the Typhon T2 is a one-of-a-kind, custom manufactured military grade twist-lock. This was chosen for its superior connection integrity, insuring maximum current transfer and the ultimate in performance. There are two distinct models of umbilical cable options. The Performance model umbilical, featuring 8 gauge VTX conductors, allows the Typhon T2 to dramatically impact every area of performance. All of Shunyata Research’s early testing was completed using this Performance umbilical. For more extreme applications, such as ultra high-current amps or for massive systems, the 8 gauge VTX-Ag Reference model will match up well with systems using Shunyata Research’s top Sigma or Omega model power cords. Either power umbilical when connected and used with the Typhon T2 will unleash a system’s full potential.


- ArNi® Conductors
- CGS (‌‌Chassis Grounding System)

  • - Maximum Voltage: 90 – 125 VAC r.m.s. unregulated (US) 220-240VAC r.m.s. unregulated (EU, UK, AS)
  • - Input Current Ratings: US/AS maximum continuous current: 20A US/AS maximum continuous current: 30A (optional) EU/AU maximum continuous current: 16A
  • - Output Current Ratings: US/AS max current/outlet: 15A EU max current/socket: 16A
  • - Transient Suppression: Maximum transient pulse 40,000 Amps @ 8/50 μs
  • - Over-Current Protection: Hydraulic electromagnetic breaker
  • - Wiring System: 8 gauge ArNi® VTX-Ag™ buss system 10 gauge ArNi® VTX-Ag™ wiring Ratings: 600 V 105° C
  • - Noise Suppression: Input to Output (100 kHz – 30 MHz): > 50 dB reduction Zone to Zone (100 kHz – 30 MHz): > 40 dB reduction
  • - Connectors & Sockets: Inlet: IEC C19R Inlet: Proprietary 30A Amphenol (30A Model only) Twist-lock outlet: Proprietary Amphenol US outlets: 2 NEMA 5-20R AS outlets: 2 NEMA 5-20R EU sockets: 2 CEE7/3
  • - Isolation Zones: 3 zones
  • - Vibration Control: Vibration dampening panels (internal) AC outlet dampening gaskets Shunyata Isolation SSF-38 Footer
  • - Construction: All aluminum chassis Anodized, brushed aluminum faceplate
Weight & Dimensions

- Width: 17 inches (43.2 cm)
- Depth: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
- Height: 4.4 inches (11.2 cm)
- Weight: 17.5 lbs (7.95 kg)