Shunyata Venom PS10 Power Distributor

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Shunyata Venom PS10 Power Distributor

The New Nexus of Value and Performance
The Venom PS10 power distributor represents the crown jewel within Shunyata Research’s storied line of power distributors due to its remarkable value, measurable noise reduction, and stunning industrial design.

The Venom PS10 dramatically exceeds the value of Shunyata’s former award-winning power distributor, the PS8, by adding two outlets, improved high-current performance, and a noise-reducing high-current 20A power cord for the wall connection — all part of a one-price package.

High Current Power
Every part and material within the PS10 has been optimized for maximum peak-current transfer, as evidenced by its massive peak and continuous current ratings. With a powerful 20A capability for the unit, the PS10 will support entire systems, massive high-current amplifiers, and everything in between. Venom PS10 outlets grip power cords tightly, making it nearly impossible to dislodge the power cords unless removed by hand. In short, the PS10 highlights the critical relationship between clean, uninterrupted power, and getting the best performance possible from your home-entertainment system.

Noise Reduction Power Cord: INCLUDED
Topping the list of value-added parts and materials in the PS10 package is the incredible high-current noise reduction power cord. This 5′ (~1.5m) integrated Venom NR power cord reduces RF and impulse noise across all frequencies, leading to improved detail and imaging, smoother highs, and more well-defined lows. All visual images in Home Theater systems using the Venom PS10 will also be dramatically improved. Viewers of fine film will notice better depth perception, sharper color contrast, and clearer images across the screen and from front to back.

Ultra High-Performance Outlets
Venom PS10 comes equipped with a custom-manufactured Carling Electromagnetic breaker. These are superior in performance to fuses or thermal breakers but are typically not found in products anywhere near the PS10’s price point. This electromagnetic breaker silently protects against over-current conditions that could harm electronics. This safety breaker resets by the touch of a button. For transient protection, Shunyata Research recommends its Defender Series products, which can be added to the wall outlet or the PS10 at an affordable price.

Best In Class
Caelin Gabriel designed the PS10 to be Shunyata Research’s finest value, not only among its own power distributors, but within the entire marketplace. The design and build of the PS10 demonstrates in clear terms why Shunyata Research has dominated the power-line category for the past 20 years. Clean power is foundational to the performance of medical, recording, and consumer electronics systems of all types. Venom PS10 represents the embodiment that knowledge.


- KPIP™ (‌‌Kinetic Phase Inversion Process)
- OFE Alloy 101
- Isolation Footer

  • - Voltage Range: 90-240 VAC r.m.s. unregulated (US)
  • - Maximum Current: 20A
  • - Over-Current Protection: Electromagnetic Breaker
  • - Wiring System: 12 gauge OFE conductors
  • - Noise Suppression: >24db @ (100kHz – 30MHz) line to outlets
  • - Outlets & Connectors: 10 triple-wide contact outlets Alternating directions to accommodate wall-warts
  • - Vibration Control: Shunyata Isolation Footer
  • - Construction: High Strength Polymer Case
Weight & Dimensions

- Width: 3.69 inches (93.66 mm)
- Depth: 10.63 inches (269.88 mm)
- Height: 2.29 inches (58.15 mm)
- Weight: 1.9 lbs