Shunyata DFSS (Individual or 6-Pack)

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Shunyata DFSS (Individual or 6-Pack)

The Shunyata Research DF-SS (Dark Field Suspension System) takes Caelin Gabriel’s original, patented, Dark Field Elevator technology to an entirely new performance level by adding two important design innovations. In addition to the static-field neutralization material used in the original DFE, the DF-SS incorporates two forms of vibration isolation that reduces vibration transfer from the floor to the cable.

When applied as a system, the DF-SS renders a significant reduction in perceived noise and time smear, yielding improved focus, clarity, depth and spatial information.

– Static-Neutralizing Polymer
– Vibration Absorbing Compound (internally)
– Polymer Cable Suspension Bridge
– Vibration Absorbing Feet for hard surfaces
– Wide Foundation (won’t tip or fall)
– Unequaled Shunyata Build Quality

Can be used to support interconnects, speaker cables and power cables.

Shunyata DFSS (Individual or 6-Pack)
Shunyata DFSS (Individual or 6-Pack) Sale priceFrom $250.00

The DF-SS incorporates an energy absorbing suspension bridge that supports a wide variety of cables. The polymer band has the unique ability to dissipate vibrational energy, preventing it from being coupled between the floor and the cable.

The second innovation comes from the granular compound that fills the base of the DF-SS. This compound dissipates vibrational energy that would otherwise couple to the cable, that may cause a subtle form of signal distortion. These combined technologies make the DF-SS the most technically advanced cable suspension system on the market.

The DF-SS’s effectiveness has been demonstrated with accelerometer tests that clearly show its ability to reduce floor borne vibration which is common to all listening environments.

Weight & Dimensions

4″ length x 2.5″ width x 3.5″ height