Shanling M6 Ultra Android High Resolution DAP (Call/Email For Availability)

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Shanling M6 Ultra Android High Resolution DAP

The Shanling M6 Ultra (M6U) boasts an appealing design, offering a comfortable grip and a sleek matte finish in emerald green. Its quality buttons and volume wheel enhance user experience, while the covered and gasket-sealed memory card port keeps dust and lint at bay. The device runs on Android 10, utilizing a Snapdragon 665 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage, ensuring snappy performance and efficient multitasking. Its neutral sound signature delivers well-controlled bass, clear mids, and neutral treble, making it an excellent choice for headphone and IEM users seeking an accurate audio representation. The M6U's battery life is decent, and its ability to serve as a portable DAC/amp for PC/Macs adds versatility. While it heats up slightly during continuous use, the overall design, performance, and sound quality make the M6 Ultra a well-crafted and desirable digital audio player.

In comparison to Shanling's entry-level DAP, the M3X, the M6 Ultra offers significant advantages, featuring modern technology, a more advanced Android version, and superior sound quality with enhanced detail retrieval and resolution. While users might have minor personal preferences, such as a desire for more sharpness in the treble or longer battery life, the M6U remains a well-designed DAP that bridges the gap between portable and desktop performance, catering to a diverse range of headphone and IEM pairings while delivering excellent value for its price.


Snapdragon 665 CPU.
Analog circuit: OPA1612+OPA2211+LTA8092+BUF634A.
Output Power: 240mW@32Ω(3.5mm), 720mW@32Ω(4.4mm).
Output Impedance: Less than 1Ω.
Battery capacity: 5650mAh.
Battery life: Up to 13.5hours in single-ended mode and 9 hours in balanced mode.
Android Global Lossless Output system.
MQA 16x Unfolding.
Open Android 10 OS.
Dual headphone output(3.5mm Single-Ended+4.4mm Balanced).
4GB RAM | 64GB internal storage.
MicroSD card slot.
5” Full HD display.
Quick charge 3.0 support.

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions – 127 x 77 x 18 mm
Weight – 263g