Shanling M0 Pro cable (Call/Email For Availability)

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Shanling M0 Pro cable

Introducing the official special balanced adapter designed exclusively for the M0 Pro MP3 player. This adapter allows you to enhance your audio experience by enabling balanced output, even though the M0 Pro features a 3.5mm single-ended interface. Simply connect the adapter to achieve balanced output using a 3.5mm-4.4mm adapter.

Crafted with precision, the M0 Pro 3.5mm-4.4mm Balanced Cable is made with four strands of 30 cores*0.05 single crystal copper silver-plated wire, ensuring optimal signal transmission. The cable is encased in a durable PU sheath and measures 80mm in wire length, with a total product length of 150mm.

Please note that the M0 Pro MP3 player and the 3.5mm-4.4mm adapter are not included with this balanced adapter and need to be purchased separately. Elevate your audio experience and enjoy the benefits of balanced output with the official special balanced adapter for the M0 Pro MP3 player.