NAD C 588 Turntable

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NAD’s is well known for innovative, high performance, yet affordable, turntables. While the basic operation of a turntable seems simple, extracting all the musical energy from the record grooves without exciting destructive resonances requires both science and art. Let’s take a closer look at each of the elements of the C 588 with an explanation of the choices we made.
Having exact pitch (speed) is important, but human hearing is much more sensitive to momentary changes in speed which we express with the terms Wow and Flutter. As its name sounds, Wow is a slow cyclical speed variation. The most severe example is
the sound of a severely warped record, where the stylus travels faster on the rising side of the warp and slower on the descending side, causing abrupt changes in musical pitch. Flutter is what we call very fast and small variations that are usually generated
by the motor. The C 588 addresses both of these problems with proven and effective solutions. A specialized, high precision, synchronous clock motor is both very smooth and accurate, especially when driven from a stable AC voltage. To ensure a clean and stable AC voltage we isolate the AC Mains by first converting it to a clean DC voltage, and then electronically generating the precise AC frequency to regulate the synchronous motor. Using a specially formulated belt to drive the platter further filters and isolates any remaining vibration. All rotating parts are made from aluminum alloy machined to very tight tolerances to eliminate any eccentricity or vibration in the drive system.
The C 588 features a custom designed carbon fiber tonearm shaft with a fixed metal head shell and features a decoupled counterweight and magnetic anti-skate compensation. An
Ortofon 2M Red cartridge is factory installed and offers superb tracking and a delicately nuanced full range sound. The C 588 uses a longer than usual 9” tonearm to optimize overhang and reduce the tracking angle error. To perfectly align the stylus we include adjustments for azimuth and vertical tracking angle, and include a gauge to calibrate the alignment, a rarity at this price point.

-Belt Driven Turntable 33/45
-10mm Glass Platter with Felt Pad
-precision Alloy Sub Platter
-Precision AC Motor
-Isolated AC Power Supply with Universal Voltage
-9” Carbon Fibre Tonearm with Fixed Head Shell
-Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge Preinstalled
-Vertical Tracking Angle and Azimuth Adjustment
-Rigid MDF Plinth
-Metal Feet with Tuned Isolation
- Low Resonance Dustcover
-Detachable High Quality RCA Cable with separate Ground

NAD C 588 Turntable
NAD C 588 Turntable Sale price$1,199.00