NAD C 268 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Powerful. Efficient.

Amazing Flexibility
The C 268, like every amplifier in the Classic Series, features a well-thought-out design catering to various use cases. Selectable balanced inputs make the C 268 a natural companion for high-end preamps and processors. These inputs include a trim control, useful for matching other components or for bi-amping speakers. A line-out allows the addition of power on the same channel for extra speakers or subwoofers. Additionally, a bridge switch turns the C 268 into a powerful monobloc amplifier.

Pairing the C 268 with the NAD C 368 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier and bridging both units for mono offers 300 watts per channel of distortion-free sound. The C 268’s auto-sense feature with selectable threshold is ideal for automating complex systems or for hiding the amp in a cabinet. The included ground lug helps eliminate ground loops and noise in complex multi-unit systems.

Getting the Basics Right
The C 268, part of NAD’s Classic Series, delivers satisfying sonic performance through its “music-first” features. Accurate channel balance, proper input and output impedance characteristics, and low noise circuits are integrated into this stereo power amplifier. The C 268’s line inputs, both balanced and single-ended, can accommodate various analog source components by offering ideal input impedance traits with linear ultra-low-noise buffer amplifiers, preventing any sonic degradation caused by improper loading of the source device.

Sophisticated Power
NAD has moved away from old-fashioned linear power supplies and Class AB output stages, developing superior circuits based on switch mode power supplies and Class D output stages. NAD’s advanced work in this area has resulted in some of the best-performing amplifiers, regardless of basic design principle. The C 268's overall design is linear over a wide bandwidth, providing consistent performance into all speaker loads.

The C 268’s power supply is capable of nearly 200 watts continuously and over 500 watts instantaneously, allowing for short-term musical transients. NAD’s innovative Asymmetrical PowerDrive fully utilizes every available watt with vast reserves of dynamic power, accurately reproducing demanding music without distortion or compression. The C 268 can operate with any AC mains voltage from 100V to 240V, providing pure DC power to all its stages. This highly efficient supply offers near-perfect voltage regulation across various conditions, providing a solid noise-free foundation for the amplifying stages.

NAD C 268 Stereo Power Amplifier

80W x 2 Continuous Power into 8 or 4 Ohms
Stereo Dynamic Power 120/200/250 @ 8/4/2 Ohms
300W x 1 Continuous Power into 8 or 4 Ohms Bridge Mode
Mono Dynamic Power 500/540W @ 8/4 Ohms
Balanced Line Inputs
Single-Ended Line Inputs
Variable Input Level Control
Line Output for Daisy Chaining
12V Trigger In/Out
Auto Turn-on with Selectable Threshold
Ground Lug
Detachable AC Power Cord

Weight & Dimensions

435 x 100 x 390 mm

7.3 kg (16.1 lbs)