Meze LIRIC (Second Generation)

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Introducing the 2nd Generation LIRIC: A new chapter in the pursuit of audio perfection, this refined model boasts an enhanced sound profile, detachable magnetic ear pads, exquisite Macassar ebony ear cups, and one of our premium hand-braided copper cables.

Embodying timeless artistry, the LIRIC closed-back isodynamic headphones usher in a new era with richer sound and refined tuning.

The ear cups, adorned with Macassar ebony wood, invite a connection to the natural warmth and beauty of the material. The re-engineered ear pads feature a detachable magnetic design for effortless maintenance, seamlessly merging form and function.

At the heart of this evolution is Rinaro Isodynamics, founded in Ukraine during the Cold War to advance acoustic technology. With over 30 years of innovation in planar magnetics, their expanded R&D and manufacturing facilities in Ukraine and Poland have been pivotal in developing the Isodynamic Hybrid Array technology used in our Empyrean, Elite, and LIRIC headphones.

Exclusively for Meze Audio, the MZ4 driver, already successful in the first generation LIRIC, benefits from over three decades of research and development, resulting in one of the lightest and most advanced planar magnetic drivers available.

Meze LIRIC (Second Generation)
Meze LIRIC (Second Generation) Sale priceFrom $2,699.00

• Macassar Ebony finish
• Closed-back Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver
• Rinaro MZ4 Isoplanar diaphragm
• Lightweight magnesium skeleton
• Phase-X system for improved imaging
• Pressure equalization system
• Headband with optimal headflow
• Impedance: 61 Ohm
• Weight: 427g

• Quality hard travel EVA carrying case
• 3m soft TPE cable with 3.5mm jack
• 1.3m premium cable with 4.4mm jack
• 6.3mm gold-plated + airline adapters
• Pouch for cables