Meze Elite Open Back Headphones

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Color: Silver


Comes with free cables (premium cables by Furutech hand braided by Meze): Copper

Comes with free cables (premium cables by Furutech hand braided by Meze)

Size: 2.5mm XLR


Meze Elite Open Back Headphones

**Comes with Premium Furukawa cables hand-braided by Meze**

Combining an exclusive aesthetic with state-of-the-art engineering, ELITE delivers an accurate, authentic listening experience ready to meet the highest expectations of the proficient audiophile.

Materials were chosen not just for the exciting sensory experience their raw texture provides, but also for comfort and durability. A carbon fiber headband with a real leather headrest were added to the frame, for an ultra-light feel and maximum durability. The patent-pending suspension wings support system is elongated and curved at both ends, descending further on the side of the head and distributing the weight of the headphone evenly, for an utmost comfortable listening experience. ELITE is hand assembled with care and painstaking attention to detail in Baia Mare, Romania.

With a custom, newly designed driver, created by Rinaro Isodynamics, ELITE is the result of 3 years of research and development through which we strived to create a powerful, lifelike, and immersive experience that awakens the senses of the listener.


Included Accessories:
• Case: High-strength ABS plastic suitcase with foam inserts and leather handle
• Two sets of earpads included: one Angled Alcantara®,
one Hybrid (Perforated Alcantara® Interior + Real Leather Exterior)
• Cable options:
••mini XLR to 3.5mm jack OFC standard cable, 1.2m
••mini XLR to 6.3mm jack OFC standard cable, 2.5m
••mini XLR to 4 pin XLR connector standard cable, 2.5m
• Warranty period: 2 years

  • Driver Type: Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array®
  • Operating Principle: Open
  • Ear Coupling: Circumaural
  • Frequency Response: 3-112,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Nominal SPL: 101 dB (1 mW / 1 kHz)
  • Maximum SPL: > 130 dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.05%
  • Weight: 420 g
  • Geometrical Shape: Ovoid
  • Size: 102 mm x 73 mm
  • Driver Weight: 75 g
  • Casing: Fibreglass reinforced polymer
  • Diaphragm Type: Rinaro Parus® [MZ3SE]
  • Active Area: 4650 mm2
  • Diaphragm Weight: 0.11 g
  • Acoustic Mass: 7.5 kg/m4
  • Lower Frequency: Limit 3 Hz
  • Upper-Frequency Limit: 112,000 Hz