Magnepan MMGW On Wall Speakers

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Magnepan MMGW On Wall Speakers

Introducing the impressive Magnepan MMG W, the on-wall addition to our renowned 60-day, money-back guarantee MMG lineup. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, this multi-channel planar speaker is specifically crafted for attachment to or placement next to a wall or cabinet. To truly unlock its potential, the MMG W is typically used in conjunction with one of the Magneplanar model Woofers or a self-powered subwoofer, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into serious music or home theater systems, or even both.

With its versatile wall or cabinet attachment option, the MMG W offers a practical solution for rooms where floor-standing models are not feasible. Experience an immersive audio journey with the MMG W, which achieves its remarkable small size and low frequency response down to 100 Hz through its unique wall attachment design. From 100 Hz and beyond, the MMG W exhibits the signature purity of Magneplanar sound. The midbass to midrange and high frequencies demonstrate the astonishing speed and definition characteristic of all Magneplanar speakers, defying expectations with their captivating sonic performance.

While the MMG W excels in home theater applications, its true brilliance shines when incorporated into systems that demand exceptional sound quality for both home theater and serious music listening. Traditional home theater sound often falls short compared to dedicated music systems in terms of purist fidelity. Discover the MMG W's capability by listening to music through a typical home theater system, and you'll understand the difference. By integrating the MMG W into your setup, you'll be prepared for the future of audio technology, whether it's 2-channel Stereo, multi-channel surround music, or the pinnacle of home theater experiences.

Elevate your audio setup with the extraordinary Magnepan MMG W. Experience its compact size without compromising on sound quality, and immerse yourself in a sonic landscape that exceeds expectations. While we don't keep stock, the personalized excellence and tailored precision are well worth the wait.

Magnepan MMGW On Wall Speakers

System Description: 1-Way Planar-Magnetic
Frequency Response: 100Hz to 16kHz (+/-) 5dB
Recommended Power: 40 to 1 SOW @8 Ohms. For further information, see FAQ
Sensitivity: 88dB/500Hz/2.83V
Impedance: 5 Ohms
Dimensions: 38-1/4" H X 10-1/4" WX 1" D
Shipping Weight: 22 Ibs.