Magnepan 2.7i Panel Speaker

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Magnepan 2.7i Panel Speakers

Due to the large variety of finish options, this speaker is typically custom ordered. Delivery is usually between 8-12 weeks. Elevate your audio experience with our bespoke, custom-order speakers—crafted exclusively for you; while we don't keep stock, the personalized excellence and tailored precision are well worth the wait.

Immerse yourself in the timeless audio legacy with the MG2.7i, a triumphant revival of the iconic MG2.n series. Originally launched in 1994, this three-way speaker boasts the classic MG2.7 form factor but now comes enhanced with a cutting-edge True Ribbon Tweeter for unparalleled high-frequency clarity.

Step into the rich history of Magnepan's "two" series, dating back to the early 1970s. The MG2.7i pays homage to its roots, following in the footsteps of the MG-II and the beloved MG-2167F. A true testament to Jim Winey's earliest creations, this speaker encapsulates decades of Magnepan's dedication to sonic perfection.

The MG2.7i strikes a harmonious balance in our speaker lineup, filling a crucial niche for True Ribbon Tweeter enthusiasts on a budget. A smaller sibling to the MG3.7i, it delivers crisp highs that cater to a broader audience, making high-fidelity audio accessible to various budgets and discerning customers.

Elevate your audio experience with the MG2.7i, featuring the reincorporated 40" (2 ohm) True Ribbon Tweeter. While slightly smaller than its counterpart, the MG2.7i's nuanced bass response makes it an ideal companion for fast subs like Sonus faber Gravis, REL, Perlisten, and more.

Versatility is key! The MG2.7i seamlessly integrates into your audio setup. Whether paired with DWMs, serving as rears/surrounds in a multi-channel system, or accompanying MG20.7s as fronts, this speaker showcases its adaptability and prowess in various configurations.

Experience the MG2.7i - where history meets innovation, and sonic excellence knows no bounds. Elevate your audio journey with Magnepan's latest triumph, a true embodiment of legendary craftsmanship and groundbreaking technology.

Magnepan 2.7i Panel Speaker
Magnepan 2.7i Panel Speaker Sale price$8,970.00