Lumin IR Remote

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Lumin IR Remote

The LUMIN remote sets a new standard in quality and functionality, providing an exceptional user experience.
Designed to be compatible with all LUMIN models*, it offers seamless integration with your LUMIN streaming system.
With the remote, you can conveniently control essential functions such as volume adjustment, mute, play, pause, next, previous, shuffle, repeat, and standby without the need to rely on the LUMIN App.
Roon compatibility ensures effortless control and playback within your Roon ecosystem.
The remote is especially valuable in systems without a preamplifier, offering direct control over critical functions.
Experience the convenience and versatility of the LUMIN remote, providing a superior user experience for your LUMIN streaming system.

Lumin IR Remote
Lumin IR Remote Sale price$399.00

LUMIN Infrared Remote Control
USB Infrared Receiver
2x CR2032 batteries
Instruction leaflet

Piano black acrylic with silver zinc frame

IR receiver cable length: Approx 900mm

LUMIN X1 / S1 / T3 / T2 / A1 / T1 / D2 / D1 / U1 / U1X / U1 MINI / U2 MINI / M1

One spare USB port required

Weight & Dimensions

230mm (L), 33mm (W), 10mm(D)