Legacy Audio Powerbloc2 ULTRA

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Material: 325 W/Channel x 2 @ 8 Ohms


Powerbloc2 ULTRA

The Powerbloc2 ULTRA's state-of-the-art power supply and advanced circuitry ensure every detail and nuance of your music or movie soundtrack is faithfully reproduced, delivering an immersive audio experience that will take your listening to new heights. Its sleek design and intuitive controls make it easy to use and integrate into any audio setup.

Whether you're a serious audiophile, home theater enthusiast, or professional musician, the Legacy Audio Powerbloc2 ULTRA has everything you need to elevate your audio experience to the next level. Its precision engineering and versatility make it the ultimate choice for anyone who demands the best sound quality possible.

Invest in the Legacy Audio Powerbloc2 ULTRA today and experience the ultimate in power and precision. Hear your music and movies like never before, with unmatched clarity, depth, and dynamics.

Legacy Audio Powerbloc2 ULTRA
Legacy Audio Powerbloc2 ULTRA Sale price$3,588.00

Power per side:
325 watts per channel x 2 @ 8 ohms, 650 watts per channel x 2 @ 4 ohms
2 balanced XLR, 2 unbalanced RCA
2 pair gold plated safety approved five-way binding posts
Damping Factor:
1,000< 1kHz
Voltage Gain:
27.4 dB
Dynamic Range:
117 dB
Peak Current:
30 amps/channel
0.005% at rated output
0.0045% at rated output
Input Sensitivity:
2.1 Volts to rated power
3" H x 17" W x 14" D
Unit Weight:
13 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:
9" H x 22" W x 18 D
Shipping Weight:
18 lbs

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Weight & Dimensions

3 x 17 x 14