IsoAcoustics STAGE 1 (Pack of 4)

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IsoAcoustics STAGE 1 (Pack of 4)

The all-new STAGE 1 Isolators come in a convenient set of four, offering flexibility in installation. They can be directly screwed to the bottom of amplifiers, loudspeakers, subwoofers, or monitors. Alternatively, they can be attached to a board to create a dedicated isolation platform for supporting the equipment.

Designed with durability in mind, the STAGE 1 Isolators feature a rugged aluminum housing with an impressively low-profile design, standing at just 1 ½ inches in height. This allows the equipment to maintain a low stance, enabling easy fitting inside road cases. As a result, the isolators contribute to faster setup and sound check times while on tour, while also eliminating the challenges associated with varying stage conditions at different locations.

The isolators are rated for up to 200lbs (90 kg) per set of four and are designed for equipment ranging from small bass combo amps to stacked 4-12 cabinets.

Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions (WxH): 3.5” x 1.7” (90mm x 42mm)
Weight Capacity: 200lbs (91kg) per set of 4
Quantity: 4 per box