Hegel H30A Reference Amplifier (Please Contact)

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Hegel H30A Reference Amplifier

Rated as Product of the Year 2023 by SoundStage! Network.

The H30A is The Orchestra. With its immense power, speaker matching is no longer an issue. The Orchestra can play any "venue", be it large stadiums or small cellar clubs, and with its unsurpassed skill and attention to detail, no music is too challenging. It conveys all music like you never thought possible. No matter what or where it plays, The Orchestra will always perform at its best. The H30A is the best orchestra you will ever experience.

The H30A is designed as a mono power amplifier, but it can also be used as a stereo power amplifier. It has both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs and a 12V trigger input. For the best possible connection, the H30A features high quality, gold-plated speaker binding posts.

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> 1100-Watts in 8 Ohms (mono)
> 2x 300-Watts in stereo mode in 8 Ohms
> Can be externally switched to stereo mode
> Can be used into 1 Ohm
> RCA and XLR (balanced) inputs
> 2 pairs heavy duty gold plated output terminals
> Signal to noise ratio: more than 100 dB
> Damping factor: more than 500 (mono)

  • Reference Mono / Stereo Power Amp
  • Output Power: More than 1100 W in 8 ohms (mono)
  • Min. Load Impedance: 1 ohm load
  • Inputs: RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced
  • Speaker Outputs: One pair of heavy duty gold plated terminals
  • Input Impedance: Balanced 20 kohm, unbalanced 10 kohm
  • S/N Ratio: More than 100 dB
  • Crosstalk: Less than -100 dB
  • Distortion: Less than 0.003% at 100 W in 8 ohm
  • Intermodulation: Less than 0.01% (19 kHz + 20 kHz)
  • Damping Factor: More than 500 (mono)
  • Power Supply: 2000 VA dual mono, 270,000 μF capacitors
  • Output Stage: 56 pcs 15 A 200 W high speed, ultra-low distortion bipolar transistors
Weight & Dimensions

9.4" x 17" x 25.6"
24cm x 43cm x 57.5cm