Gryphon Siren Phono Stage Preamplifier w/External PSU (Call or Email for Availability)

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Gryphon Siren Phono Stage Preamplifier

**High Fidelity Reaches New Heights**

Introducing the Gryphon Siren Phono Stage Preamplifier, a pinnacle in analog audio performance. Crafted with an eye for excellence and designed for those who demand the ultimate in sound quality, the Siren sets a new standard for high-end audio systems.

**Unmatched Design and Build Quality**

The Siren shares its "Nordic Noir" aesthetic with Gryphon's acclaimed Apex Power Amplifier and Commander Preamplifier, boasting a sculptural beauty that complements its advanced technology. Its 4.3” TFT capacitive touch screen, protected by a 4mm hardened glass panel, provides intuitive control and a sleek, modern look. The dual-mono Power Supply Unit (PSU) is a powerhouse, weighing over 83 lbs (38 kg), and features local, fully regulated power supplies for all voltage amplifying stages, ensuring a deep black background for ultimate phono performance.

**State-of-the-Art Circuitry**

True to Gryphon's legacy, the Siren employs a fully discrete, fully balanced circuit topology. It utilizes four-layer printed circuit boards with 70µ copper traces, twice the thickness of competitive components, and is populated with premium-grade parts like Mundorf MCap ZN capacitors, Vishay low-inductance resistors, ROHM matched transistors, and ultra-low noise transistors from ZETEX. Sensitive audio circuitry is mounted on a proprietary isolation base with constrained layers of Kerrock, Bitumen, and steel to prevent detail smearing and optimize component damping.

**Exceptional Features for Superior Performance**

- True Dual Mono Configuration: Ensures channel separation and clarity.

- Zero Global Negative Feedback: Preserves signal integrity.

- Selectable Inputs: Includes three XLR and one RCA input for system flexibility.

- User-Selectable Load Impedance: Customize MC load impedance from the remote handset.

- Extremely Low Noise: Achieved through minimal internal wiring and high-quality PC-mount connectors.

**Advanced User Features**

Designed for ease of use, the Siren includes a remote handset for convenient operation of input selection and load impedance settings. The 12V Buss Links facilitate seamless system power-up and power-down, while a rear-panel USB 2.0 socket allows for simple firmware upgrades, ensuring your system remains up-to-date.

**Unparalleled Audio Experience**

Whether judged by sound quality, build quality, or user-friendliness, the Gryphon Siren Phono Stage Preamplifier represents the zenith of analog playback design. Its sophisticated engineering and meticulous construction deliver a listening experience that transcends ordinary high fidelity, making it an indispensable component for audiophiles seeking the best.

Experience the Siren by Gryphon – where high fidelity reaches new heights. Available late Summer 2024. Elevate your analog playback to the ultimate level.

  • Inputs: Three Balanced XLR, One Single Ended RCA
  • Outputs: One Balanced XLR per channel
  • Load Impedance: MM 47K, MC 20-1600 Ohms (selectable)
  • Load Capacitance: MM 0-608pF, MC 0pF, 220pF, 440pF
  • Gain: MM +38dB or +48dB, MC +58dB or +68dB
  • Power Supply Capacity: 74,000uF per stereo channel
Weight & Dimensions

Siren unit - 48x23.6x45.5 cm, 30.4kg;
PSU unit - 48x23.6x44 cm, 38kg