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Gryphon Mephisto

Introducing the Gryphon Mephisto Solo, a pinnacle of audio engineering crafted for the most discerning audiophiles. Born from the passion of Gryphon aficionados and the ingenuity of Rasmussen's team, this single-channel power amplifier represents the next step in audio excellence.

Unlike typical monoblock constructions that merely bridge stereo channels, the Mephisto Solo takes a revolutionary approach. By running two stereo channels in parallel, it maintains unchanged output and voltage while doubling current and halving distortion. This design ensures unparalleled control and clarity, even with the most demanding loudspeaker loads.

The Mephisto Solo's independent enclosures for each channel eliminate any possibility of interference or crosstalk between channels. This results in an expansive soundstage, rich detail, and tight, extended bass, all against a backdrop of silence.

Beneath the sleek exterior lies a powerhouse of technology. Custom-designed Holmgren transformers with generous filtering capacity provide high pulse current, while a fully regulated gain stage power supply ensures reliability and safety. High-speed Zetex and Toshiba transistors, along with carefully selected components, deliver optimal electrical and audio performance.

Despite its massive power capability, the Mephisto Solo is designed to maintain exceptional sound quality at any volume. Its protection circuitry guards against overheating, DC offset, short circuits, RF interference, and incorrect voltage, ensuring peace of mind without compromising on sound quality.

In essence, the Gryphon Mephisto Solo is a testament to uncompromising audio excellence, designed for those who demand nothing but the best from their music listening experience.